Main topic - Oozing Yellow Crusts

Result in a nutshell…

  • quit soolantra Treatment after 3 weeks
  • because of very very! worse skin conditon (oozing pustles everywhere in the face)
  • in this conditon I visited a new derm in a Hospital, they Had no idea about the reason of my skin conditon. They did a Lot of tests, at the end with No final result :frowning: they recommend: Stop using soolantra and use only a cream (Mix Cortison and Antibiotika) - at the end Alfter 2 weeks with No improvement
  • after that, visit the Same derm again. Did some new test (2x Biopsie inclusice) - No Results. Therapy recommodation: do nothing.
  • since 2,5 months I do almost nothing with my face. No cream, No special treatment, Just water and sometimes a little Point of oil after washing my face with water. And it works. Since that i Had no single oozing pustles. The First 3 weeks were hard, but after that i works good.
  • it also stop using probiotika
  • i dont donany diat, I eat what i want

I dont have a final Story or description for my results, but for me this way works.

How was the 3 weeks?

Because when I do the “nothing therapy” it gets so bad that my whole cheeks are a combined big oozing area (small pustules connect to big areas) and there seems to be no ending in sight. I believe I never lasted more than a couple days with “nothing” after an outbreak. It hurts, it itches and in the night I have so much oozing that it feels like I am strongly sweating and sweat runs down on my face like water.

Was it the same for you?

The 3 weeks were horrible. In week 3 i Had the Bad conditon in the attached pic (See my Last Post).

Your mentioned “sweat” or “water over my face”. I know These Kind of sh… Horrible Feeling. But i didnt hast this during the soolantra treatment!

Thank you for posting it. My face looks similar to yours now (I am at the end of week 2), but now it isn’t oozing/sweating so it’s better than the “nothing therpay” which has the same (or worse) result but everything is oozing/sweating and hurting far more.

I’ll stick with Soolantra for at least another 2 weeks. I also combine it with Elidel on spots that are getting too worse, but I try to minimize Elidel and finally remove it completely if it works as I hope.

The picture was after the 3 weeks with Soolantra, right?

What were your symptoms when you did the 3 hard nothing therapy weeks?
For me it feels like when I go with the nothing therapy it just doesn’t improve, it only gets worse (and I can hardly stand it more than a week)

@Toni wow, I’m surprised at the reaction you had to the Soolantra. I wonder whether it was “die off”. I assume that you were only applying tiny amounts as per the instructions. In any event, I completely understand you abandoning the treatment since you were advised by professionals to do so. How are things going now? I have not used soolantra since late July and so far things are great after nearly 4 months since I last used it.

Yes of course, I used Just tiny amounts of soolantra. Currently i still use No soolantra. I use still nothing at my skin seems to be thankful about this procedure. I guess, my Kind of pustles caused from too much skin Care with a huge amount of cream and wash products.

At the Moment my skin IS free of pustles but a little bit dry. For reducing the dryness i use tiny amounts of almond oil after washing my face with water.

Do you have some tipps to moiturize the face without using cream?

The only thing I can think of, that is working for some people, is only using water (no soap) when you wash your face. I think you may already be doing that.

Yes, I exclusively use water for washing. Occasionally, I use some almond oil on a cotton pad to moisturize my face afterward. However, my skin still feels dry at times. I’m looking for a natural moisturizer to boost hydration for my skin.